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Charles of the Ritz


In 1919, Charles H. Ritz sold his business to Charles Jundt who then began what became known as Charles of the Ritz.



In 1955, Bristol-Myers introduced Ban into the United States, the first commercially successful roll-on deodorant/antiperspirant.

Edna Wallace Hopper


Edna Wallace Hopper, known as ‘The Eternal Flapper’, established a cosmetics line in 1922. However, her ‘agelessness’ owed a lot to cosmetic surgery.

Barrier Creams and Lotions


Many industries exposed workers to chemicals which could irritate the skin and lead to dermatitis but the situation wasn’t seriously examined by cosmetic chemists until the Second World War.

Ann Delafield


Ann Delafield was born May MacGregor. She worked for Elizabeth Arden and Richard Hudnut before starting her own line of cosmetics sold through Rexall drug stores.

Antibiotics in Cosmetics


In the 1950s and 1960s some cosmetic chemists suggested using antibiotics to help solve cosmetic problems caused by bacteria.



In 1902, Lesquendieu bought the business of Monsieur Bossard-Lemaire, the maker of the well-known skin cream, La Reine des Crèmes.

Lehn & Fink


In 1874, Lehn & Fink started a business in a small loft building at 160 William Street, New York.


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Charles of the Ritz: Beauty in the Modern mode (1932)

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Charles of the Ritz: Beauty in the Modern mode (c.1939)

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Loose Face Powders

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Turtle Oil

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