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In 1955 the Chesebrough Manufacturing Company, Consolidated and the Pond’s Extract Company merged to form Chesebrough-Pond’s.



Amongst the beauty products sold by Richard Hudnut from his New York pharmacy was a cream he labelled a ‘Toilet Cerate’. It came in two forms, the more expensive variety having a violet fragrance.



Known primarily for their Old Spice men’s toiletries, Shulton also developed a number of skin-care and make-up lines for women.



Hexachlorophene was used in cosmetics in the 1950s and 1960s until it was discovered to be a neurotoxin.

Make-up, Personality and Types


In the 1920s the idea developed that a woman should not only look attractive but should also create a style that reflected her personality.

Primrose House


Around 1920, a group of businessmen from Lowell, Massachusetts approached Helen Woodward about setting up a cosmetic company.

Soap and Water


Although all beauty culturists agreed that skin cleansing was the basis for a flawless complexion, views differed about whether or not to use soap.

Patent Medicines and Cosmetics


The cosmetic industry, perhaps more than any other, capitalised on the advertising expertise developed to sell patent medicines.


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Dorothy Gray: Your Dowry of Beauty (1929)

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Max Factor: New Art of Society Make-up (1937)

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Pond’s Extract Company

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